What Is a Truck Accident Lawyer?

What Is a Truck Accident Lawyer?

A truck accident lawyer is a personal injury attorney focusing on truck accident claims. They stand up for people hurt in a truck accident due to someone else’s negligence.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is crucial to understand what truck accident lawyers do before hiring one.

Truck Accident Lawyers Specialize in Tort Law

So, what is a truck accident lawyer? Truck accident lawyers practice tort law.

In truck accident scenarios, a tort is a “private or civil wrong” that can be resolved by paying damages.

When a negligent person causes a truck accident that results in injuries, the injured party may file a claim against the at-fault party for damages.

Tort law aims to “make whole” the harmed party. Therefore, truck accident lawyers advocate for injured clients to secure financial compensation for their losses.

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Truck accident lawyers assist clients in recovering the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Wrongful death
  • Vehicle damage

Generally, personal injury lawyers handle various types of claims, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, animal attacks, medical malpractice, premise liability accidents, and wrongful death.

So, truck accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers that specifically handle truck accident claims.

What Exactly a Truck Accident Lawyer Does

There’s so much that goes into what truck accident attorneys do for their clients. While injury-related accidents can be complex, truck accidents are particularly legally complex.

Multiple parties could be at fault for the truck accident, meaning several insurance providers to claim compensation from.

Truck accident attorneys manage truck accident claims from beginning to end, including trials if necessary. The following are some specific measures a truck accident will take when handling a case.

Investigating truck accident cases

When a potential client approaches a truck accident attorney with an issue, the attorney will review the details to establish whether the case is viable.

Most truck accident lawyers are paid on a contingency basis. For this reason, they will do everything to ensure a case has a high chance of success before accepting it.

truck accident lawyer

Contingency means the lawyer will only receive the legal fees once they win the client’s settlement or award. Their pay depends on whether they win the client’s case and how much they win.

Gathering evidence for each claim

A truck accident attorney starts the investigation immediately after they decide to work on a client’s case. That involves the following:

  • Vising the truck accident scene
  • Reviewing photos of the accident scene or getting someone to take photos
  • Evaluating vehicle damages
  • Reviewing the client’s medical reports and expenses
  • Getting statements from eyewitnesses

The truck accident lawyer will build a case based on the client’s total damages and other crash details.

Sending demand letters

After investigating a truck accident, the attorney may send a demand letter to the responsible party’s insurer. The demand letter describes the accident’s details and demands a particular sum to cover the victim’s losses.

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Negotiating with the insurance companies

Negotiation is usually one of the best parts of having a legal representative. The at-fault party’s insurer often attempts to contact the truck accident victim immediately after the crash, which can be risky.

Insurers always find ways to pay less on truck accident claims and typically make a lowball settlement offer.

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Most accident victims won’t know how to bargain with insurance firms or protect their legal rights. However, knowledgeable truck accident attorneys often communicate and negotiate with insurers.

A truck accident attorney will review the insurance policy’s fine print, estimate your damages, and manage all interactions with the insurers. They will try to reach a genuinely fair settlement that compensates you for your losses.

Preparing complaints

Usually, a truck accident lawyer successfully negotiates a fair settlement with the insurer. The matter is resolved there and then, and the injured victim receives their settlement.

However, the truck accident attorney may file a complaint against the responsible party if the insurance company is unwilling to bargain.

The complaint is one of the initial documents submitted in a truck accident lawsuit. The at-fault party usually has 30 days from the time the complaint is received to respond.

But if the insurance provider is unwilling to negotiate, the truck accident attorney may make a complaint to the at-fault party. The complaint is one of the initial documents filed in a truck accident lawsuit.

The at-fault party usually has 30 days from the time the complaint is received to respond.

Discovery phase

After filing the complaint, a truck accident attorney will start building their case as though it were going to court.

Most truck accident cases settle out-of-court, but an experienced attorney knows they should be ready for anything.

Truck accident

Your lawyer will compile evidence, review pertinent case law, and develop legal theories related to the truck accident to prepare for the lawsuit’s discovery phase.

Your lawyer could also draft pleadings, prepare discovery requests, and interview and depose witnesses.

Representing you at trial

A truck accident attorney will represent you in court if the truck accident case goes all the way to trial. An experienced lawyer is familiar with each step of the trial process.

Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer Today!

Now that you understand what a truck accident lawyer does, you may want to speak with one regarding your case.

At Legal Giant, we partner with skilled truck accident lawyers who can give you the legal representation you need.

Our partner attorneys will do everything, including collecting evidence, filing a claim, and negotiating with the at-fault party’s insurer to get you fair compensation.

Contact us at (855) 740-5024 to get started with your claim.

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