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Theft cases come in different ways. From breaking into someone’s house to failing to pay back a loan, many situations can easily result in a theft/burglary charge. If you are convicted of theft charges, the consequences can be severe- from hefty fines, jail term, and other unforeseen consequences to your future life.

Therefore, if you have been caught stealing or suspected of committing such a crime, it is essential to contact one of our experienced lawyers for theft cases to help you with your case.

Be sure to contact an attorney for theft crimes even if you have not been formally charged. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the more time police officers and invigilators will have to build a stronger case against you.

Common Theft Crimes

Typical theft charges may involve any of the following charges:

Identity theft

Stealing another person’s name, information, or identification

Petty theft

Stealing items that are regarded to be of low value

Grand theft

Stealing another person's property, which totals to a higher value.


Gaining unauthorized access into a property that doesn't belong to you with the intention of committing a crime.


Transferring money from one name into another which denies the rightful party access to the funds

Credit card fraud

Illegal use of another person’s credit or debit card account information.


This refers to the act of intentionally taking away and depriving an owner of their property


Stealing in a retail store or shop while disguising yourself as a genuine customer

What are the Penalties for Theft/Burglary Charges?

The punishment for committing theft varies from state to state, but you can be sure that you could easily end up serving time in a state prison even for committing what you may think is petty theft.

For instance, you could end up in jail for stealing your neighbor’s purse and even lose your right to vote in some states. This explains why it is crucial to consider working with one of our experienced lawyers for theft cases whenever you are charged with any theft-related crime.

Burglary is one of the most serious forms of theft. In most states, it is charged as a felony offense with possible severe penalties. A conviction for a felony burglary offense carries a jail sentence exceeding one year in a state or federal prison.

Depending on the state and the circumstances surrounding the case, a felony burglary can easily result in 20 or more years in jail. A misdemeanor burglary can easily result in a jail term of up to one year.

The fines charged on burglary offenses are also significant. Depending on your state, a fine for felony burglary can be as high as $100,000, while misdemeanor burglary can attract a fine of up to $1,000.

In some states, if you are accused of committing burglary without taking or damaging any property, the court may order you to pay restitution. This means that you have to pay the property owner a specified amount of money to compensate them for their losses and allow them to repair any damage to their property. Restitution payment is always an addition to any fine that the court may impose.

How Has the Crime of Burglary Expanded Over the Years?

One of the unique and perhaps most important aspects of burglary is the way the elements of the crime have evolved and expanded over time. Today, burglary covers a wide range of conduct, and in some cases, charges can come as a surprise to defendants who are still unfamiliar with the modern aspects of the offense.

In the past, one had to break into the property of another person, at night, and with the intention of committing a felony or larceny to be convicted of burglary. However, things are no longer the same.

While the aspect of intent remains, nearly every other requirement for a possible burglary conviction has been altered. For instance, under the modern burglary statutes, there is no longer a requirement that the crime must occur at night. The breaking element of burglary has also been modified to include situations where the suspect gains access into the victim’s property through a window or door.

Legislators have also removed the requirement that the structure must be a dwelling. The term structure has been expanded to include industrial buildings, offices, and retail businesses. So, if you are caught stealing in any of these areas, you risk facing burglary charges.

Our attorneys know that theft is inherently a crime of dishonesty, and conviction can have devastating effects on your future life. We will help you find an advocate that will fight for you and help you get a favorable outcome. Contact us today to speak to one of our attorneys!

Do I Need to Contact an Attorney If I’m Accused of Theft?

If you have been accused of theft, you must be wondering if you should hire professional lawyers for theft cases to help you. No matter how confident you feel that you are innocent, you must overcome the temptation of representing yourself in court.

Keep in mind that your reputation and future life are on line, and any slight mistake could spell doom and destroy your life. Therefore, if you have been charged with theft charges, be sure to find the right theft attorney that will guide you on the best course of action to take.

With an experienced attorney by your side, you can raise the defenses that are relevant in your case and protect your constitutional rights and interests throughout the court proceedings.

Contact An Attorney for Theft Crimes Today!

Our team at Legal Giant is here to help you find the right legal representation that you deserve in your theft case. Our experienced team of lawyers for theft cases will evaluate circumstances surrounding your case and come up with a clear plan on how to defend you against any theft allegations you may be facing.

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