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Zantac Lawsuit

Recently, multiple Zantac manufacturers recalled their drugs due to concerns that they contain high levels of NDMA- a substance known to cause cancer. Here is everything you need to know about Zantac lawsuits.

What is Zantac?

Zantac is the brand name for a common over-the-counter and prescription heartburn medication known as ranitidine. Zantac is an H2 antagonist or H2 blocker which lowers the amount of stomach acid by blocking the numerous histamine receptors in your stomach. Apart from heartburn, the drug can also be used to manage gastroesophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcers, and other related conditions.

However, in September 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public warning to healthcare professionals and consumers that independent laboratory tests had revealed the existence of unsafe amounts of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in some ranitidine products. NDMA is a highly carcinogenic substance that is known to cause some forms of cancer.

Zantac Lawsuit
Exposure to significant amounts of NDMA can damage the liver and increase the risk of developing cancer of the liver, colon, stomach, and gastrointestinal tract. While the FDA did not recall Zantac from the market, the public uproar and concerns prompted some manufacturers to issue recalls voluntarily. National pharmacy chains including Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and CVS were also forced to pull all ranitidine-containing products, including Zantac from their drug shelves.

Zantac Cancer Risk

NDMA is a potential hepatotoxic and exposure to this substance has been linked to numerous complications and symptoms ranging from liver fibrosis, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, and tumors in the lungs, kidneys, and liver.

Symptoms of NDMA exposure include nausea, vomiting, jaundice, severe headaches, enlarged liver, abdominal cramps, and reduced function of the lungs, liver, and kidneys. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) describes NDMA as a chemical that is “clearly carcinogenic.”

What Is a Zantac Lawsuit?

A Zantac lawsuit is legal action taken by lawyers handling Zantac cases on behalf of patients who have developed cancer or other Zantac injuries after taking this drug.

Plaintiffs accuse drugmakers Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim of manufacturing and marketing a medical drug they knew or should have known to be contaminated with carcinogenic substances without disclosing the risks to the government or consumers.

Are You Interested in Speaking to Lawyers Handling Zantac Cases?

If you or your loved one took Zantac and developed cancer or other Zantac injuries, you may qualify to file a Zantac lawsuit to help you recover damages.

At Legal Giant, we connect you with experienced lawyers handling Zantac cases who can help you get the right compensation you deserve. Talk to us today and let us help you start the process of filing a Zantac lawsuit.

Filing a Zantac Lawsuit

A successful Zantac lawsuit may help you recover the losses you incurred on medication and lost wages. However, you need to file a strong litigation case against the drug manufacturer to stand any chance of winning the case.

In fact, health professionals and consumers are encouraged to report any adverse effects of Zantac to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the agency’s MedWatch program. This is going to help the federal government in its research of the drug and to better understand the side effects associated with the drug.

The process of filing a Zantac lawsuit is pretty similar to the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit. The first thing you need to do is talk to an experienced Zantac lawsuit attorney who will assess your case and advise you on the right steps to take. The attorney should have experience in handling bad drug litigation.

In case you are representing a loved one who has died as a result of injuries from Zantac, you may need to hire an experienced wrongful death attorney who also knows about the Zantac lawsuit. Your attorney will help you identify who holds liability in your case and gather evidence to support your claims.

What Are the Possible Compensations in a Zantac Lawsuit Case?

If you or your loved one was diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac, then your attorney will be seeking the following damages for you:

Do you feel like you have a genuine Zantac case? Legal Giant is here to help you get the right legal representation you deserve. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries or developed cancer after taking Zantac, you may be entitled to compensation via a settlement or under the litigation process. Talk to us today for a free case evaluation from one of our experienced lawyers handling Zantac cases.

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