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Have you been arrested for committing a violent crime? Then you need to keep in mind that your freedom and personal rights are in great jeopardy. The truth is that violent crimes are some of the most heinous crimes a person can commit.

Prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement agencies have no tolerance whatsoever for violent crime offenders in society. So, if you are arrested for committing any form of violent crime against another person, you can be sure of facing harsh prosecution.

Consider talking to one of our experienced lawyers for violent charges to protect you from aggressive state or federal prosecutors. Hiring a lawyer for violent charges will help you achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

What Are Some of the Common Violent Crimes?

In most states, the term violent crime is used to refer to any criminal activity that involves the use of weapons, physical force, or even verbal threats. Since the definition of violent crime includes verbal threats, no physical harm is needed for a crime to be classified as violent. Some of the common examples of violent crime include:

Assault and battery


Child abuse crimes

Statutory rape

Murder and homicide


Some stalking offenses

Rape and sexual assault



Domestic violence

Some hate crimes


Can I Be Released on Bail If I’m Charged with a Violent Crime?

In many criminal cases, suspects are afforded the bail option so that they remain free while awaiting trial. However, things may be a little bit different if you have been charged with a violent crime.

Depending on your state, county, and prosecutor, you may be denied bail and forced to stay behind bars until your trial date. This is because violent crimes are considered to cause a public safety issue and a safety concern for the victim. This is the primary reason why many judges will refuse granting bail to individuals charged with violent crimes until the investigation has been completed.

Even if you are released on bail, the prosecutor will order you to avoid any contact with the victim in the case. Failure to comply with this condition can lead to your immediate arrest. Hiring a lawyer for violent charge is always a step in the right direction because you get professional advice on what to do or not do to avoid being arrested.

What are the Penalties If I’m Convicted of a Violent Crime?

Just like other crimes, violent crimes are usually categorized into two groups: Misdemeanors and felonies. Generally, misdemeanors carry less harsh sentences compared to felonies. Unfortunately, most violent crimes always end up being felonies which carry harsh punishments.

If you are charged with a violent crime, you risk spending the rest of your life behind bars or even being condemned to a death penalty if charged in a federal court or in a state that still have legal execution.

Furthermore, if you are convicted of a violent crime, you risk losing your right to owning or carrying a firearm. Being classified as a violent offender can also prohibit you from accessing rehabilitation programs and other court diversions in the future.

There are also mandatory minimum sentences for violent offenders in some states. This means that if you are found guilty of committing the crime, you may be forced to serve a certain number of years in jail regardless of any mitigating or personal factors involved in your case.

However, working with experienced attorneys for violent crimes can go a long way in ensuring that you are acquitted of the charges and let off the hook.

Contact an Experienced Violent Crimes Lawyer Today!

Have you or your loved one been charged with any form of violent crime? Hurry up and talk to an experienced lawyer for violent crimes today. Keep in mind that time is of essence when it comes to dealing with violent crimes.

Our attorneys understand what it takes to handle violent crime cases, and they will take time to investigate your case, explain your rights, and represent you in court. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our lawyers are more than qualified and prepared to handle even the most complex and challenging violent crime cases.

How Can Our Attorneys for Violent Crimes Help You?

Under federal and state laws, you will always have a right to an attorney. It becomes even more critical to work with a professional and experienced attorney if you have been charged with violent crime because your liberty, livelihood, and future life are at stake.

Furthermore, you cannot risk being without a reliable and aggressive lawyer for violent charges if you are facing potential life-changes legal consequences. Our experienced attorneys for violent charges can help in a wide range of ways, including:

  • Thoroughly and tirelessly investing your case to understand the circumstances surrounding the actions you took
  • Finding flaws, weaknesses, and contradictions in the state account of your case
  • Finding, convincing, and lining up witnesses including authority experts in your defense
  • Cross-examining state witnesses and running a skeptical eye on the state prosecutor’s evidence
  • Creating the best possible strategy for you
  • Using their extensive knowledge of relevant laws and precedents to challenge the prosecutor's evidence and defend you
  • Advising you on plea bargain offers that you may receive from the prosecutor

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