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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

In this section, we discuss everything you need to know about the hernia mesh class action lawsuit.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia mesh is usually used to support damaged tissue after standard hernia surgery to help hasten the recovery process. Unfortunately, some patients that undergo hernia surgery suffer severe complications that are caused by the implanted surgical mesh.

Common types of hernia mesh such as C-Qur and Physiomesh can cause severe damage to the abdomen, intestines, and bowels. The side effects usually require additional or revision surgery to heal. Patients who require hernia revision qualify to file for hernia Mesh lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Medical experts believe that these companies designed defective and dangerous products and failed to provide a warning about the potential side effects of the product.

If you or your loved one requires revision surgery as a result of the side effects of hernia mesh, then you can talk to one of our experienced hernia mesh attorneys today for free legal consultation.

Hernia Mesh Attorneys

Are You Interested in Speaking to a Hernia Mesh Attorney?

If you or your loved one received a hernia mesh implant during surgery and later on experienced severe complications and side effects that required revision surgery- such as bowel obstruction, perforated bowel/intestine, sepsis, or peritonitis – you should speak to one of our experienced hernia mesh attorneys as soon as possible.

Why Is Hernia Mesh Incompatible with Some Patients?

C-Qur manufactured by Atrium and Physiomesh manufactured by Ethicon are made from materials that are not compatible with many patients’ bodies. These two types of hernia mesh are made of polypropylene plastic which is the same material used for a majority of transvaginal mesh products that resulted in more than 100,000 personal injury lawsuits a few years ago.

Physiomesh from Ethicon is also coated with Monocryl, which is an absorbable material that is used to prevent adhesion and inflammation. Many patients and medical experts believe that this material is not suitable for implantation. Unlike Physiomesh, C-Qur is coated with Omega-3 fatty acid oil that can cause allergic reactions in patients.

Both C-Qur and Physiomesh were approved by FDA’s fast track 510 (k) clearance program which doesn’t require clinical trials with human patients if the manufacturer can prove their products are quite similar to other products on the market.

How Do You Know If You Have a Valid Case?

You might qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit if you underwent a laparoscopic hernia surgery that used hernia mesh. The surgery must have taken place after January 1st, 2008, and you must have had or have scheduled a hernia revision surgery. If you meet these three conditions, then there is a high probability that you have a genuine case.

Alternatively, you can speak to an experienced hernia mesh lawsuit attorney who will assess your situation and advise you on the next step to take. Contact us today and depending on the specifics of your case, we shall connect you with an experienced hernia mesh attorney who understands the complications that a defective mesh can cause.

He/she will listen to you describe your symptoms and ask you a few questions about your surgery. From there, he/she will let you know what your options are and whether you qualify for compensation.

What Compensation Might You Receive?

If you have suffered complications as a result of a defective hernia mesh product, then you are eligible for compensation for those injuries. A successful hernia mesh lawsuit can help you recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages (past and future), and pain & suffering.

The good thing is that there is no cap on the compensation you can receive regardless of the state where the surgery occurred. In 2011, CR Bard offered to pay up to $184 million to settle over 2,600 lawsuits filed against its Composix Kugel Mesh in Rhode Island. This provides some clue on the possible compensation to expect if your lawsuit is successful.

Talk to us today for a free, no-obligation legal consultation if you have undergone hernia surgery and suffered complications.


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