Class Action Lawsuit Against Lennox Air Conditioners?

Class Action Lawsuit Against Lennox Air Conditioners

Lennox International Inc. is one of the biggest manufacturing brands. It is a reputable brand that generates billions of dollars annually from selling HVAC units.

However, in 2007, Lennox produced faulty HVAC systems susceptible to corrosion. The company manufactured evaporator coils using copper tubing, a design mistake that led to corrosion and refrigerant leakage in the coils.

This flaw saw the company face a class action lawsuit from customers who suffered significant losses from faulty AC systems. Some of the victims have since been compensated in a class action settlement.

But can you join a class action against Lennox air conditioners today? If you are still undecided, then this blog post is for you.

Read on to learn more about the Lennox class action against Lennox air conditioners and whether you qualify for compensation.

What Is an HVAC System?

Most newly constructed homes have HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. These systems differ depending on brand and age, although forced-air heating makes up most modern systems.

HVAC systems use refrigerant to cool the air in an indoor space. The air is then cycled back through the house until the temperature set on the thermostat is reached.

Heating air assumes a similar phenomenon. But unlike air conditioning, heat is produced using gas and a pilot light instead of a refrigerant. Once the burner system heats cool air, air ducts circulate the warm air to heat the house to the desired temperature.

HVAC machine

Consumers are not very interested in how an HVAC system functions. They only want their heating and cooling equipment to be of good quality.

A good HVAC system is vital to homeowners’ comfort, whether they wish to keep warm during winter or avoid the summer heat.

Regrettably, not all HVAC systems meet this need, leaving some customers figuratively out in the cold or trapped in the heat.

Are Lennox HVAC Systems Good Quality?

The manufacturer claims Lennox HVAC systems are “engineered to provide best-in-class comfort and efficiency.” They also claim that one can achieve excellent outcomes using two or more Lennox products.

But despite these assurances, several customers have complained of significant issues with their Lennox HVAC systems. Several customers have detailed their issues with a Lennox HVAC system on sites like the Better Business Bureau.

One complaint from September described an issue with an air conditioning system’s evaporator coil. Sadly, Lennox did not respond to the reviewer about resolving the problem under warranty.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Lennox Air Conditioners

In another complaint from August, a homeowner complained that after installing a roof unit five years ago, they had experienced high servicing bills every year. This year, the homeowner’s system began to leak.

This homeowner had spent up to $2,000 per year on maintenance. Despite this, they were informed they would have to spend over $9,000 to correct the evaporator coil issue.

The above-mentioned complaints demonstrate that Lennox’s HVAC system issues may be expensive. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, and extra funds may be needed to fix leak damage or other problems.

Is There a Lennox HVAC Class Action Settlement?

Lennox Industries Inc. consented to a class action settlement in 2015 to address complaints about their defective evaporator coils.

According to plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against Lennox air conditioners, these evaporator coils had a design defect that caused corrosion since they were made of copper tubing.

Allegedly, a chemical reaction with the coils resulted in the items developing microscopic tunnels, which caused the corrosion. The evaporator coils began to leak refrigerant as a result.

According to the plaintiffs, Lennox should have recognized this issue and taken necessary measures to address it. The company could, for instance, have coated the evaporator coils to prevent corrosion and eventual leaking.

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However, Lennox did not admit fault, but it consented to a class action settlement to settle the allegations against them.

People who bought an evaporator coil from Lennox, Aire-Flo, Armstrong Air, AirEase, Concord, or Ducane brands between October 29, 2007, and July 9, 2015, benefited from this deal.

The settlement offered multiple kinds of relief, including a $75 service rebate, the repair of damaged coils, and labor reimbursement for either original or replacement coils.

Although the Lennox HVAC class action settlement addressed complaints about the company’s evaporator coils, customers may still be eligible to file a case or join an ongoing class action lawsuit against the defendant.

What Does the Settlement Provide?

The settlement affords an Expanded Warranty and Reimbursement Program to class action members who complete a Claim Form on time. This program offers the following:

  • A one-off $75 service rebate
  • A coated copper or aluminum tube replacement coil after replacing the initial coil
  • $550 in retroactive compensation for refrigerant and labor costs for replacing the original coil if the evaporator coil has been replaced severally.
  • Up to $550 in compensation for refrigerant and labor expenses for each uncoated copper tubing replaced after the original one.

Only individuals who have replaced an original coil five years after installation due to a refrigerant leak are eligible for the Expanded Warranty and Reimbursement Program benefits.

That means you may need to know if you are an eligible settlement class member. To do this, check your extended limited warranty. You may also check your installation to see if your purchase date is covered.

Can I File a Lennox Class Action Lawsuit?

You may qualify to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer if you have problems with your Lennox HVAC system.

If a product defect has caused you property damage or other problems, you could file a class action lawsuit against Lennox air conditioners to get compensation for your damages.

A skilled HVAC product liability lawyer can examine your case to determine your eligibility. There are two options for filing the lawsuit:

  • You can either file a claim against Lennox alone or as part of a class action lawsuit.
  • You may also qualify to join an ongoing Lennox class action lawsuit as an additional plaintiff.

Note: In class action lawsuits, carefully chosen plaintiffs called Class Representatives take legal action on behalf of everyone else with a similar claim. The Court addresses the issues of the Class Members as a whole.

How Can I Join a Lennox Class Action Lawsuit?

So, how can you join an ongoing class action lawsuit against Lennox air conditioners?

The first thing to do is to file a lawsuit against Lennox International Inc. To accomplish this, you must provide a detailed report and supporting documents demonstrating that the faulty evaporator coil causes problems with your Lennox HVAC system.

Once you’ve been allowed to participate in the lawsuit, gather proof of the damage caused by your HVAC system and the technician’s analysis. Make sure the information on your submitted paperwork is also accurate.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Lennox Air Conditioners

Hire a skilled HVAC lawyer to help you compile the documents and build a compelling case. Remember that the deadline for filing a claim differs by circumstance. So, you must know the statute of limitations for such a suit in your state.

If the deadlines are missed, you might not be able to get compensated. That is why having legal representation is so crucial.

Get Help Filing a Lennox Class Action Lawsuit

You have suffered losses if your recently installed HVAC unit has a faulty evaporator coil. As a result, you may be eligible for compensation.

In this case, you can file a lawsuit or join an ongoing class action lawsuit against Lennox air conditioners. However, this is a complex case that you cannot handle alone.

You need the help of an experienced product liability attorney to represent you and increase your chances of receiving compensation.

Contact us to arrange a free case review and learn more about your legal rights.

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