Car Accidents in Vermont

After a car crash in Vermont, life can take a significant twist. Things change, and suddenly you have to start dealing with unplanned expectations. Most likely, you can no longer go to work and have to pay hefty medical bills. This is why it is essential to understand your rights and how to handle car accidents in Vermont.

You should know that you are not alone, and an experienced car accident lawyer in Vermont can help you pursue a compensation claim. With the right attorney by your side, you will never have to worry about whether or not you can afford the care you need to heal and get back on your feet.

While your doctor will provide the best health care you deserve, insurance companies will do everything possible to try and reduce their responsibility as much as possible. In some cases, the insurer will blatantly decline your claim hoping that you don’t file a lawsuit against them.

So, if you or your loved one has been injured in a car crash in Vermont, Legal Giant is here to help you. We have a team of experienced car accident attorneys who know how to negotiate with insurance companies and negligent motorists to ensure they are accountable for their actions/inactions.

They will fight for your rights from the start to the end.

Find Car Accident Lawyers in Vermont

When you are facing injuries from a car crash in Vermont, it can be pretty difficult to think about pursuing a compensation claim. The prominent thought on your mind is how to recover and continue with your life.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with car accidents in Vermont can have a devastating effect on your financial life. Suddenly, you have huge medical bills to pay, car repair costs, and you can no longer go to work to generate more income.

That is why you need to find time and meet a Vermont car accident lawyer who will assess your situation and advise you accordingly. Keep in mind that the sooner you start your claim, the sooner you may be eligible for compensation.

Hiring the right car accident attorney is the first step in recovering damages. If you do not have an experienced Vermont car accident lawyer working on your behalf, you could end up with an unfair settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

It is common for auto insurance companies to rush to car accident victims offering quick settlement deals for damages suffered.

Vulnerable and desperate victims fall prey to this scheme and sign away their rights taking the minimum settlement just because they were desperate for money to pay their hospital bills and settle their other financial obligations.

Unfortunately, the rushed settlement offers from the at-fault driver’s insurance company can’t provide enough money to cover your medical expenses, long-term treatment or even lost wages.

At Legal Giant, we care about our clients, and our experienced car accident attorneys will work on your behalf to manage your case so you can focus on recovering. Our primary objective is to ensure you get the rightful compensation you deserve.

Car Crash Statistics in Vermont

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that more than 80 car crush fatalities happened in Vermont in 2020, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that tens of thousands of people sustained injuries in auto crashes across the state.

While traffic fatality rates in Vermont haven’t increased over the last few years, they have also not dropped. A significant number of the reported fatalities in the state were caused by speed-related accidents.

In the same year, at least 90 motorists were involved in fatal accidents, with a majority of the drivers being over 21 years. Of the 80 fatalities, at least 42 of them occurred as a result of single-vehicle accidents; at least 10 involved large trucks, while the rest involved rollover and roadway departure.

Car accident victims in Vermont suffered a wide range of injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Broken bones.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Cuts and lacerations.
  • Loss of limbs.
  • Facial fractures.
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Disfiguration.
  • Other forms of head trauma.

Whether you were a passenger, driver, or pedestrian in a car crash in Vermont, our experienced car accident attorneys know how to fight for and protect your rights.

Our team works around the clock to ensure everyone responsible for your injuries and other losses are held accountable, and you get the rightful compensation you deserve.

Vermont Car Insurance Requirements

Vermont car insurance requirements stipulate that every motorist driving in the state must carry minimum liability coverage. The minimum liability coverage for bodily injury or death of one person in a car accident is $25,000.

The minim liability coverage for permanent injury or death caused by the insured party is $50,000, while the liability coverage for property damage caused by the insured party is $10,000.

So, if you have been involved in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you need to act quickly to avoid missing out on compensation.

You should also remember that Vermont is a “fault” state meaning that the at-fault driver’s insurance is responsible for covering any damages caused to the other party in the accident. Of course, the insurer will only pay damages up to the policy’s limits.

While you can still pursue compensation from your own insurance company if you were injured in a car crash in Vermont, your insurer will most likely turn around and pursue compensation from the at-fault motorist’s insurance company.

The state also applies modified comparative negligence rules when determining who was at fault in the accident. Comparative negligence mostly applies when more than one party is responsible for the accident.

In comparative negligence, the court determines each party’s percentage of fault. If the plaintiff is found to bear more than 51% of the fault, they will receive no compensation.

However, if they are responsible for less than 50% of the fault, they will receive compensation less the amount equal to their fault percentage.

The Right Vermont Car Accident Lawyer Can Make a Difference!

If you or your loved one has been injured in an auto accident as a result of negligence or distracted driving by another driver, you should not suffer in silence!

Insurance companies don’t see things the same way you do and will do everything possible to deny your claim or pay as little money as possible. If your insurance company approaches you with a settlement offer, it will most likely fall short of the total medical expenses and other costs incurred as a result of the accident.

In such a situation, it is wise to hire an experienced Vermont car accident lawyer who will advocate on your behalf and ensure you get the rightful compensation you deserve! Contact us today to speak to an attorney who will focus on getting you a just recovery so you can focus on healing!

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