Trans Child Molester Hannah Tubbs Created a New Identity During a Jailhouse Call with Her Father


Sources with knowledge of the phone call say that Hannah Tubbs (formerly James Tubbs) discussed her gender change during a jailhouse call about the strategy of the defense lawyer on how to “house” the convicted child molester before a guilty plea was entered in Los Angeles.

Tubbs, who is also accused of murder, allegedly began identifying herself as a female only after she was arrested in an investigation into a cold-case child sex abuse case in order to be placed with juvenile girls in the interim while awaiting her trial.

Tubbs was 17 years old at the time and had criminal records in California Idaho and Washington. He pleaded guilty to the case last year. It involved an attack on a 10-year old girl in a Denny’s restroom on New Year’s Day 2014.

He was sentenced to two years in a juvenile institution at the age 26. This was due to the lenient policies of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.

Shea Sanna is now suspended for five days, without pay, for allegedly “misgendering”, and “deadnaming”, Tubbs, by raising concerns about the possibility that the repeat offender was just pretending to be female to get a better situation in jail.

Fox News Digital reported on Friday that Sanna had argued in the previous that jailhouse calls showed Tubbs, now 27 years old, was trying to use gender identification to game the justice systems – an argument which sources say made other in Gascon’s offices uncomfortable and led the suspension.

According to law enforcement sources, however, a previously unreleased recording of a jailhouse phone conversation on Jan. 5, 2021 captured the first communication between the newly minted Hannah Tubbs, and her father.

According to sources, the father begins the call with “Hey, um, um…Hannah.”

“Huh?” Tubbs replies.

The father repeats “Hannah”. Tubbs answers with a confused “yes”, according to sources. The father then explains that he spoke to the defense lawyer, who called and said that she represents Hannah.

“I was like who?” He replies again with a smile.

Tubbs says the name is spelled in the same way both forwards and reversed, and that the father would have chosen “Jamie.”

The sources said that the call came after another conversation in which Tubbs – still identifying himself as James – said that his lawyer was working to find a solution for his “housing problems” in prison.

Sanna, in response to the suspension, told Fox News Digital that he had brought to their attention a convicted child-rapist who was trying to enter a juvenile facility under a female identity and rapes young girls. “Does anyone see a problem with this?”

“When you come before the court, please address me as she.”

The complaint against Sanna, where he was accused of transgressions in Tubbs case, was filed on 1 March – just a few days after Sanna had slammed his two closest Gascon allies via Twitter. It also came more than a fortnight after a meeting.

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Sanna, a man who had no previous disciplinary record, and only positive reviews of his performance, claims that the timing indicates retaliation, and that he does not even remember participating in the controversial conference call.

He told Fox News Digital, “I don’t remember saying anything.” “I didn’t but even if i did, it puts them on notice that they are being played.”

On the Friday of the last week of February 2022 he retweeted a tweet from the official account of the DA advertising a panel discussion on some of Gascon’s policy initiatives, featuring two of his closest advisers, Tiffiny Blair and Alisa Blacknell.

“Will they discuss your administration’s policies of sabotaging and covering up cases?” Sanna, a critic of Gascon’s policies who was outspoken at the time, tweeted. “If so, there are some emails and recordings that they could use for their presentation.”

He was criticizing the Gascon allies for their role in the release Andrew Cachu, who had served only six years of his 50-year sentence. Blair refused to give evidence at an hearing to determine if Cachu should remain in custody when he reached 25 and was no longer a juvenile detention center resident, Fox News Digital reported.

Authorities claim that Andrew Cachu was found sleeping with his gun in his car after his early release. Cachu was convicted of shooting the man in the back while gang members were holding him down. (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department).

FOX Los Angeles obtained recordings of Cachu’s mother and the killer as he approached his release. Blair’s involvement with the case was a source of “overjoy” for the mother.

Blair told Fox News Digital that she did not request Cachu’s immediate freedom, even though the judge ordered it.
Sanna was suspended after she filed a complaint in March 2022, when she left Gascon’s Office to work for the Community Based Public Safety Collective.

Watch: Los Angeles DA Gascon denies knowing of jailhouse recordings in Hannah Tubbs’ case
She told Fox News Digital she didn’t believe that the suspension was related to his tweet.

She said, “Several stakeholders reached out to my office during my tenure about concerns regarding Sanna. These concerns had nothing to do me or criticisms of mine. But I don’t have any idea why he is currently suspended.”

Fox News Digital obtained explicit recordings from a jailhouse last year of Tubbs admitting that it was wrong to assault a little girl, but gloating about the light punishment.

The suspect boasted about Gascon’s lenient policy towards juvenile defendants, and laughed at the idea of not having to return to prison or register as an offender. Tubbs made explicit remarks that are not fit for publication about the victim.

Tubbs told her father to use female pronouns in one of their calls.

Tubbs says, “Now they’re going put me with other trannies who have seen their cases as mine or with a tranny just like me who has a similar case to mine.” “So, when you come to the court, address me as she.”

Fox News Digital learned last year that Tubbs had been accused of sexually molestation a 4-year old girl in a California library, while her mother was “just a couple aisles away” browsing books. Tubbs also faced similar allegations in Seattle.

Tubbs is now 27 and sitting in a Kern County jail, awaiting trial for unrelated murder charges, in connection with the 2019 death of a friend, who was beaten by a rock while in the woods.

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