Top Immigration Lawyers Near You That Will Review Your Case And Get You The Help You Need Now

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What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

An excellent and experienced immigration lawyer who has successfully worked in numerous cases, which are similar to what you are facing now makes all the difference to your case. Choosing the wrong lawyer could result in setting your application back in months— costing you more money and precious time. Many immigration lawyers are hardworking and honest professionals who genuinely want to help you. They are dedicated to helping you through all phases of the immigration process.s


Immigration lawyers are legally qualified to review your case and provide the help you need. They represent U.S citizens, undocumented immigrants, permanent residents, and people with expired visas or those who have overstayed their visa, and assist visitors on work, travel, or student visas. You can hire an immigration lawyer to help you or your loved one when facing deportation or detention, when renewing a permanent resident or green card, when filing a petition for a work visa, etc.

The immigration process is quite complicated. It involves a lot of paperwork, multiple hearing, and requirements. Hiring an immigration expert near you to assist through this complicated process and make it a lot easier, faster, and successful, is the appropriate decision to make. The state licenses all immigration lawyers, therefore, it is imperative to dig deep and verify their qualifications before paying any fees.

How Do You Find A Good Immigration Lawyer Near You?

The immigration process is tedious, complicated, and can be overwhelming, so a competent and trustworthy lawyer is critical. Research is the key to getting a good immigration lawyer. When you have shortlisted several eligible candidates, conduct background research to verify their immigration law license. Once you have narrowed your list to a couple of licensed immigration lawyers, choose the best one based on the following criteria:

  • Availability: Before hiring a lawyer, note that his or her office is conveniently close to your place of residence. Additionally, ensure that he or she answers your calls or emails promptly. Don’t hire someone you will be forced to waste precious time chasing around.
  • Mutual Respect: You want an honest immigration officer who treats you and your loved ones with utmost respect and kindness. And you will do the same for them.
  • Transparent Rates: Know their rates beforehand. Ask directly how they will bill and the total amount the entire legal process will take. Inquire if they will sign a fee agreement and provide receipts for all fees paid.
  • Good Reputation: You need proof of their previous success. Read the reviews of their former clients and counter-check their success rates with prior cases similar to yours.
  • Get Confirmation of Who Will Handle Your case: Sometimes, large firms allow their junior lawyers to work on some cases. This is only okay if the firm has discussed with you and you are happy with it. And if this will be the case, ask whether the hourly rate is lower.
  • Be Very Cautious Of Anyone Who Promises You Specific Results: No case has a particular outcome and the migration lawyer ought to be honest about what you can expect.

Below is a list of Top Immigration Lawyers near you in various states:

In Dallas, TX, we have;

In New York, we have:

  • Rhoda Dryer, & Alarcon, P.C.
  • Davidson Law Group, PC
  • Nichols Law Offices, P.L.L.C.
  • Oltarsh & Associates, etc.

In Washington, we have,

  • Cecil C. Harrigan, PC
  • Patel Law Group
  • Chong Immigration Law PLLC
  • Naima Said & Associates, P.C. etc.

The list that matches the top immigration lawyers in every city is very long. Take your time to find the best lawyer that will adequately assist you throughout the entire immigration process.

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