We Deliver Qualified Retainers

At Legal Giant, our main goal is to provide our clients with the qualified claimants they need.

How does it work?

Our custom approach to case generation helps us to refine our list of leads to an exclusive list of qualified leads, with none of the filler. Our intake identification and screening process will find the right potential claimants so that all you need to worry about is helping your new clients.

Many companies in the legal marketing industry will promise high-quality leads, but in reality, they are providing a list of potential plaintiffs that are unqualified. This is why what we do here at Legal Giant is so important. We understand that you need qualified retainers in order to continue helping people. Our experience in the industry helps us to find the right plaintiffs and deliver them directly to you.

We find people who are injured and need help or are actively seeking legal help. But Legal Giant provides much more than just a lead. We provide you with retained plaintiffs who are properly vetted and prequalified, matching your criteria for acceptance.

A consumer’s request to “find out more“ is often not worth much. An injury doesn’t necessarily mean that person is ready, willing, and fits the case requirements and criteria you need. We provide you legitimate retained claimants.


Lead Generation

Our world-class in-house marketing team focuses exclusively on identifying and connecting with victims who are searching for information and ultimately legal representation. We continually improve our performance through testing, reporting and optimizing our traditional and digital marketing campaigns.


Case Acquisition Platform

Our proprietary mass tort case acquisition solution track leads as soon as they show interest online and after they call. This system is monitored and dynamically optimized in real-time to assure we are acquiring the right case types, qualified and retained to your specifications.


In-house Call Center & Pre-qualifications

Our professional intake associates are trained to handle each intake session with the highest level of quality and compassion. Our intake system is built upon unique parameters and algorithms that allow us to dynamically improve case quality and conversion rate. Claimants complete a customized questionnaire and qualification process based on your specifications.


Deliver Retained Plaintiffs

We send you retained plaintiffs, but we don’t stop there. We go another level and pre-package your qualified retainer with the appropriate corresponding documents such as hospital files and history, to help your new relationship and their fight for justice.


Strategize, Target, Test, and Optimize

Every step of our process is designed to deliver value to you. Our analytical approach allows us to continually identify opportunities for additional optimization to your plan, fostering your law firm’s continued growth.

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